Limo Etiquettes – A Basic Knowledge Is Definitely Required

Lush Miami Limo ServiceThe Basic Points to Be Kept In Mind While Traveling In a Limousine

Yes – traveling in a limousine is one of the most fabulous experiences ever! Be it a bachelorette party or arriving at an event in full style and grandeur, nothing can possibly match the levels of comfort that is provided to the riders in the hours inside the luxurious chariot!

However, in the midst of all of this, there are still certain individuals who actually pay no heed to the limousine etiquettes and manners which are expected to be known and practiced simultaneously! Limo Etiquettes is one of the basic rules which must be kept at the back of the mind so that you don’t end up getting embarrassed and ruining your special day.

Some of the vital tips provided below by our very own Lush Miami Limo Service will save one time if followed orderly and diligently:

  1. Nothing can be more regressive than arriving late! Just like a change in the timings might just lead you into embarrassing situations in a party or gathering, the fact that the limousine driver has a life too must be remembered. Keeping him waiting for hours and breaking the commitment isn’t an achievement!
  2. Consummation of drugs and alcohol inside the vehicle is a big “NO!” This is done to ensure the safety of the limousine as well as that of the customers. It is a basic Limo Etiquette. There is no point in travelling inside a limousine and then just ruining the entire occasion by committing grave mistakes! So, why not refrain from the substances which are responsible for such unaccounted behavior?
  3. Just because one has paid the money to travel does not mean that common sense be chucked off altogether. The limousine is just a vehicle which has a specific seating capability. Overloading the vehicle may lead to fatal accidents. After all, prevention is better than cure!
  4. Maintenance of a friendly yet professional relationship with the chauffeur is your responsibility and so is the responsibility of taking care of one’s personal belongings. The driver of the limousine shall never be held responsible for any missing stuff once you have exited the limousine after a joyful ride! Hence, blaming the poor chauffeur for one’s own folly is silly and should be refrained.
  5. Last but not the least – the basic Limousine Etiquette also involves giving a tip to the driver. In fact, this is no special case! Just like one gives tip to the waiters while dining in five star hotels, a limousine ride is also extravagant and the rider is expected to give at least a few bucks to the chauffeur without him actually having to ask for it! Click here to watch a CBSNEWS Video about tipping.

Follow these tips and open the doors of happiness in the lap of luxury for yourself consequently!

Rest assured when riding with Limousine Service Miami that etiquette is ‘key’ with us. From the initial phone call to the very end of our excursion together, you will be amazed at our service for you and your guests. So, contact us today and book your exact limousine that you have been dreaming about!

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