Sightseeing In a Limousine In Miami

Lush Miami Limo Service SightseeingProviding the Most Classy Adventure Ever – Limo Sightseeing

Miami is one of the most electric and beautiful cities in the world to visit. No wonder scores of tourists visit this place every month and are all praises for it! However, sightseeing in one of our Lush Miami Limo Service limousines ( is something which is not offered by any random city – it is a specialty which is enjoyed by the localities here and the foreign visitors! Contrary to what the popular belief about a limo is (that the limousine is only for the filthy rich people), Miami offers rental services for such vehicles in which one might just explore exotic locations in the city in the most carefree manner. There is absolutely no tension and worries regarding the parking of this luxurious vehicle which is a great advantage. Also, questions like who shall be driving the limousine get eradicated once and for all because there are experienced chauffeurs for the same!! It is pretty obvious that before any vehicle is taken out for a long process like that of sightseeing, it needs to be thoroughly checked for any existing defects so that last minute problems do not crop up out of the blue.
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How Enthralling and Fabulous Can a Miami Beach Night On The Town Be?

Miami Limo Service

Fun Personified

Miami Beach and the Miami area is one of those American cities which is famous for its nightlife and the fun and frolic to be precise. The nights in Miami when experienced within the four walls of the house might seem to be just another casual night! However, it is only when one comes out to the streets that one gets to know what exactly a Miami Night on the Town is! Be it the upscale evening clubs or the chain of bars and restaurants – Miami nightlife is something that is only found here and in no other corner of the world! You want to make sure that you find the best Miami Limo Service for this special occasion you have planned with your guests.

The bars which start their business at nights is capable of getting the wishes of any night club connoisseur fulfilled. There is a plethora of variety to choose from which are endless and beyond one’s deepest imaginations – it is all about making the correct choices! At a time when appetizers come at flat cheap rates, it is quite obvious to witness the increasing number of thirty year olds and teenagers thronging these clubs. The combination of the crowds and the loud music seems to be pretty fun, isn’t it!

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The Costs of Limo Rentals

See to it you obtain exactly what you are spending for when you rent a limousine. If you reserve your limousine inexpensively, you run a large risk of the limousine disappointing. They could inform you their limo got involved in an accident or got stuck in Vegas. They may not even call you at all and state you have to have reserved with another person and they did not bill you. You want the limo company’s prices to be extremely fair and also comparable for the kinds of automobiles and client service they provide. As a client you must not have to pay any covert fees, additional charges, or taxes. You wish to schedule a limousine with a level rate and suggestion based upon your complete satisfaction. When you eat at a dining establishment you tip the steward at the end of the evening based on the service. It needs to coincide for limousines. When gratuity is included the cost you risk the motorist not providing excellent service because they are assured an idea.

09Lots of Limousine Rental Firms are scheduled a year in advance so it is best to reserve your limousine well ahead of time if you intend to get a far better limo and a better offer. If you are intending to rent a limousine for your unique event throughout Prom season or high demand wedding event season, do not wait. Reserve it as soon as you are certain that you want or require a limousine because it could book up swiftly.

Most limos get anywhere from $50 – $200 per hour. In addition, most limousine services call for a minimal hourly reservation. Unfortunately, you could not lease a limousine for 1 hour as a result of car preparation prices, traveling times, and licensed operator salaries. A one-hour limo rental is not possible for many limo services.

You still have to spend for the rental time during your occasion also if you are not literally using the car. Although the vehicle is not in use, it can not be used in other places. Many companies also require a minimum 4 hr or even more minimum to rent a limo. Throughout prom period, anticipate this minimum to boost; as much as 8 hours minimum. High need cars such as Stretch Hummers will certainly usually rent at complete cost with an 8 hr minimum.

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What to Consider When Renting a Limousine

When determining to get a limousine, first choose exactly what is the celebration you are renting a limousine for. You likewise wish to have a strategy of your perfect night. Next decide on just what are the cities you will be leasing the limousine in. Following, choose the number of travelers will be entering the limo with you. Last but not least you wish to estimate about the number of hours you will require the limo.

Home-Page-Picture-2012-300x163How many guests do you plan to have and are they all going to fit? How do you recognize to determine exactly what dimension of vehicle you desire? First, consider what kind of event is this. As an example, if the occasion were to be a wedding and you as the bride had a huge princess gown,  you would not desire any person to rest on it or step on the dress in the limo. For something like that, ensure you consider how much area everyone needs. This bride-to-be might have 10 people complete in her event, however should count her outfit as 2 guests to safeguard it. You do not intend to be upset on your big day since somebody in the limo spilled something on you because you were all tight within. Some occasions as senior proms, teens do not mind needing to sit on each others laps, as long as they can all fit their limousine. When intending a business affair, you wish to make sure each customer inside that limo is going to have area to rest inside the limo. You do not want your night ruined since you need to have rented one dimension larger of a limousine.

You might be thinking about exactly what all these things are inside this limo. Some limos such as the standard Lincoln Town Car could just be a regular car. You may intend to spice up the Town Car and rent out a Mercedes-Benz rather or a non-stretch Hummer. These are all your regular cars on the inside and outdside for a basic look. After that you have your Lincoln stretch that has the all black interior and comes supplied with a complete stocked wet bar. There is likewise the huge SUV’s when you truly want to do it BIG. These types of SUV come equipped with a free of charge wet bar, plasma TV displays, CD/DVD gamer; surround stereo, twinkle lights on the ceilings, and lasers. You could wish to take advantage of the Hummer stretch and its zebra print inside, play station 2 ports, and also a fog machine. All cars should feature professional drivers and need to get there promptly.


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VIP and Corporate Limousine Services – A Brand to Vouch For


Lush Miami Limo ServiceThe Lucrative Offers and the Special Features

Who would not want to enjoy a limousine service at the cheapest rate? It is not just about the luxury but it is also about the experience which shall be cherished for an entire lifetime!

Our VIP Limo Service, Lush Miami Limo Service, ensures that you reach the destination just on time and work is not compromised with. A limousine is a luxury vehicle but that does not mean that it is only meant for VIP individuals. Rather, the corporate sector too is not new to such an awesome concept. Be it a meeting or a gathering of colleagues over a party or celebration – our limo service is guaranteed to provide the best possible results. Our VIP Limo and Corporate Services, in fact provide additional benefits to its customers which is worth remembering for a lifetime. For example, our luxury limousines have special features so as to ensure safety. They even provide applications on I Phones with the help of which a rider is able to mirror everything – starting from the views from different angle to various other things as well! How amazing is that!

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Reflecting On Limos to Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat Games

A Limousine Ride to an Audience-PackedEvent – Sensational Hit!

Let us envision a blend of an individual’s closet buddies and a limousine. Awesome, correct?! What about Limousines to Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat Games? “Dream Come True” is the phrase for this!

Whatever maybe the case – the practical transformation of such a fantasy is not impossible if desired. In fact, you don’t even need to be a billionaire for that matter. Renting our luxurious limousine is an option that would be greatly appreciated by all of your guests with us at Lush Miami Limo Service.

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Pepping Up the Prom Night – A Ride in Prom Limousines

promnightProm Night: Just Like a Dream Come True

Which person does not enjoy a prom night! One of the most important days in the life of a teenager, this anticipated night is special in all ways. Starting from the first date of a youngster to the graduation celebrations!

However, have you ever thought about what should be the best idea for a couple to turn into the ‘Star Couple’ of the prom night? Well, the inceptive ideas which happen to cross the mind is that of a grand entry in a Prom Limo! Yes- it’s true. We can make your Prom Night an unforgettable and beautiful night to remember for years to come!

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Miami Airport Transfers – Is A Limousine Service The Ultimate Way Out?


Photo by Steven Brooke

The Responsibility Undertaken and the Authorized Use

Miami International Airport, as we all know is forever bustling with visitors from all over the world who come in throngs each year to visit the picturesque beaches and enjoy the nightlife of this lively city. Hence, sometimes it is a real cause of concern for the passengers to take care of their luggage and make their way through the long lines of people! This is where the need for limo Airport transfers in Miami is realized like never before.

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Limo Etiquettes – A Basic Knowledge Is Definitely Required

Lush Miami Limo ServiceThe Basic Points to Be Kept In Mind While Traveling In a Limousine

Yes – traveling in a limousine is one of the most fabulous experiences ever! Be it a bachelorette party or arriving at an event in full style and grandeur, nothing can possibly match the levels of comfort that is provided to the riders in the hours inside the luxurious chariot!

However, in the midst of all of this, there are still certain individuals who actually pay no heed to the limousine etiquettes and manners which are expected to be known and practiced simultaneously! Limo Etiquettes is one of the basic rules which must be kept at the back of the mind so that you don’t end up getting embarrassed and ruining your special day.

Some of the vital tips provided below by our very own Lush Miami Limo Service will save one time if followed orderly and diligently: Read more ›

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How to Find the Right Limo Service in Miami

LushMiamiLimoServiceExceeding All Expectations in the Lap of Luxury

Traveling is a part of everyday life in Miami. The beaches, nightclubs and even the frequent tournaments held in the city is reason enough for people wanting to enjoy life like never before in this corner of the world! Our Lush Miami Limo Service accounts for the same. However, choosing the best limousine service in Miami and Miami Beach according to your needs and expectations is quite a cumbersome task. There is no dearth of companies providing limousine services from the airports and seaports or even for bachelor parties. That is the reason why an extensive research must always be carried out before zeroing down upon the one on which one can rely upon for a long time! This can be done by keeping in mind certain essential tips which go as follows: Read more ›

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